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Sporting Clays by Sweeney


About Me

My career in shooting began when I became a police officer and firefighter in Glencoe, Illinois, where I served for 24 years. Among many numerous certifications and duties, I achieved the position as a Master Firearms Instructor, working with and training department members in firearms proficiency. From there, my love for shooting began, and I later became an avid bird hunter and Sporting Clay shooter. I have been actively involved in all disciplines of Clay Sports for 28 years. I was inducted into the Illinois Sporting Clays Hall of Fame in 2008, earned a position 15 times for the NSCA All-American Teams, shot over 175,000 registered targets, and am a Master Class competitor. 

 I have been very active in the growth and development of the game of Sporting Clays serving as President of The Illinois Sporting Clays Association for the past 20 years, an active and; current participant on the Northbrook Sports Club Board of Directors and, most recently, served as President of Northbrook Sports Club for 5 years. Nationally, I have been an NSCA National Delegate for 18 years and served 2 terms on the NSCA Executive Council. Through the years, and going forward, I will continue to assist the growth and enhance all disciplines of clay sports that we all love and cherish.

My goal with each lesson is to create a personalized experience for you. I welcome teaching all age groups, levels of
ability, and levels of experience or those new to the sport. As someone who had to shoot right-handed despite being left-eye dominant, I know the challenges that come with shooting and vision. That’s why I will tailor each lesson to fit your unique needs and abilities, whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter. I look forward to assisting you in processing new information, learning new skills, and presenting challenges to help you advance in the sport. Thank you, and I look forward to serving you and your needs in the future.

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